David Anderson

Restoration Specialist

David has spent time living in the Mid-West, Florida, and North Carolina. He is known around the store for his high level of intelligence which is usually displayed through his “wise-guy” jokes. David has spent thirty-two years involved in piano work. He has worked in various shops, as an independent technician, and has spent time re-stringing pianos for cruise lines. David’s role at Ruggero Piano has become invaluable, as he manages and participates in every aspect of the restoration shop. Outside of work, David enjoys reading and sometimes writing. A musician, as the rest of the team, David has a true passion for music. He has spent time hosting radio shows and more recently taken up the guitar. His favorite places to travel are Prague and Paris.

What Customers Say About Us:

We love the piano! When the room is complete, it will look as if it was made to be part of our family. More importantly, we can’t wait to hear it played by someone worthy and talented to bring its sound to life. Grant Yarber

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