Zach Rowe

Sales Associate & Technical Support

Zach Rowe has been with us for nearly a year now and is our newest shop tech. Having played piano his whole life and having a natural curiosity in becoming a piano technician, Zach has quickly taken to helping with major piano rebuilds. Coming on board with previous piano sales experience has allowed him to also help with assisting customers on the sales floor. Over the next few years Zach will hone his tuning ability and prepare to take the Piano Technicians Guild “Registered Piano Technician” test. Outside of work Zach enjoys kayaking, exploring downtown Raleigh, and going to local live music shows.


What Customers Say About Us:

Thank you for providing a fantastic Fazioli for my performance with the Wilson/Barton College Symphony Orchestra several seasons ago. It was the finest piano I have ever played, and it was a pleasure meeting some of your staff! Patrick Kreeger

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