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88 keys
Length: 5′
Width: 2’1 1/4″
Height: 4’4″
Net weight: 582 lb/264 kg

The Concert Upright- With the sound of a grand piano. Many believe that the Bösendorfer Model 130CL sounds like a grand piano. And many are convinced that it is actually the best upright piano in the world. Bösendorfer has transferred its craftsmanship and sound philosophy from grand pianos into this piano. Our upright piano actions are set up with great precision to ensure the best possible playability and responsiveness of touch. All our uprights are made, voiced and tuned by the same craftsmen, who help give our grand pianos their unique sound and power of expressiveness.

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I shopped for my first acoustic piano for 6 months, both new and used, and both private sales and dealers. I looked at dozens of pianos. What I learned along the way, both good and bad, always brought me back to Ruggero Piano. Their professional and courteous approach stood out, so, eve as an early... — Brian Mulligan
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