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92 keys
Length: 7’4″
Width: 5’3”
Net weight: 924 lbs

The Semi Concert Grand – Unique sound. After the success of the290 Imperial, Bösendorfer started the production of this semi concert grand piano. This model was of course made entirely in the tradition of Bösendorfer . It immediately had a remarkable success as a performance instrument; a success that is well founded. Its design and size allow a wealth of tonal colours all the way from sensitive pianissimo to powerful fortissimo. It also benefits from extra keys in the bass: four keys to subcontra F.These additional bass strings expand the tonal range and create additional, harmonic resonances throughout the whole instrument, opening up a unique, almost orchestral sound spectrum. This helps explain the popularity of the model 225 as the best chamber music and solo instrument in its class. This semi-concert grand does not necessarily require a stage, as it can also sound wonderful in your home.

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Your staff was so kind and helpful bringing this piano to our home. You have done a wonderful job with the restoration - it was quite a mess when we received it. NOW, I hope I can learn to play it. Many thanks for the good... — Anne McLaurin
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