Our craftsmen can repair, restore, or refinish your piano cabinet. We are experts at polyester finishes found on European and Asian pianos, and lacquer finishes which have been used on American pianos for over 100 years. Damage, such as scratches, dents, chips, from accidents, moving, or abuse, on polyester or lacquer finishes can be repaired. Many polyester and lacquer finishes can be restored, first by making any necessary repairs, then cleaning, finishing, hand rub, or machine polishing to the desired satin or polished look. If the original finish is beyond repair, and restoring the piano finish to its original grandeur is desired, a Complete Premium Quality Refinishing can be done. Our staff of Registered Technicians have 150+ years of combined experience.

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Many, many thanks for the wonderful piano and service. The kids are especially thrilled. The Phinazee Family

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