Jay McCusker, RPT

Product Specialist & Registered Piano Technician

Jay McCusker, RPT, was born in Baltimore, Maryland and prior to residing in Wake Forest, he spent time in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions. He earned his undergraduate degree from Widener University and is a Registered Piano Technician and an active member of the Piano technicians Guild. A lifelong learner, Jay continues his professional development in piano technology, cabinet finishing, sales management, sales training, public speaking, computers, marketing, customer service and technical analysis. Jay’s experience in the work force includes: professional musician, music teacher, sales, management, and technical support for the piano industry in the Mid-Atlantic Region, Manufacturers Representative and an executive in the Consumer Products industry. Jay has been a part of the Ruggero Piano team since 2009. Outside of work, Jay enjoys spending time sailing the coast of Main and its islands, and visiting coastal regions in the US, Europe, and the Caribbean.