Richard Ruggero, RPT

Owner & Registered Piano Technician

Richard started his training in 1978 with his father, Robert Ruggero who founded the company in 1958. Robert retired in 1981, and Richard assumed control of the company. Along with his wife, Deborah, and three sons, he has expanded the business greatly. Over the years, Richard has trained many technicians and has been involved with the Piano Technicians Guild as a Registered Piano Technician where he has both taught and served at every level. More recently, he has been active in the community and has served on the United Arts Council, The Raleigh Arts Commission, Classical Voice of North Carolina and the Raleigh Symphony. Richard’s passion is to regulate and voice each piano for the individual preferences of our customers. Today, he still provides the highest level of concert service and in-home service for our most discriminating clientele. He also makes sure that each piano in the store has been well prepared. “I am the luckiest technician in the world as I service the finest pianos available and really love what I do!” Outside of the store, Richard enjoys spending time with his wife, Deborah, three sons, two grandchildren, and two dogs, Luke and Sam. He is a member of Hillyer Memorial Christian Church and attends BSF regularly.