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The Wilhelm Collection is the third tier in Schimmel’s piano range after the Konzert and Classic Series. The Wilhelm series is made in Europe in a Schimmel-owned facility.  Wilhelm pianos feature a traditional look, solid workmanship and european sound.

The Classic Series is the second tier in Schimmel’s piano range after the Konzert Series. The three grand pianos in the Classic Collection are known as the ‘Schimmel Trilogy’. This term refers to each of three pianos being different, but as one in their sound system. You are able to share in Schimmel’s full size concert grand experience when you play any of the Classic grand piano models.

The Konzert Collection is Schimmel’s premium range of grand and upright pianos, with the K280 concert grand piano taking the leadership position as flagship of the entire Schimmel family of brands. There are six, superior grand pianos and three exceptional upright pianos in this collection. Konzert pianos represent the ultimate in design, materials, components and finishing. They are ideal for professional musicians and performance.

Customer Reviews

I want to thank you for your hospitality when I visited, your responsiveness when I wrote and your flexibility to help us make a purchase I am truly ecstatic about. We have really enjoyed the new piano in just the week we have had it. My little girl has already gotten curious and started working through lessons on one of the apps. I also wanted to thank you on another front. I am an NCSSM alum and I just saw a post on the new piano they purchased from you all. It truly made my day to see that they had worked with you all for this new addition! Thank you for your support of the arts in our schools and with a piano that can truly help others learn in a new era where remote lessons are so critical. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you all and I look forward to continuing to do so for a long time to come. - Joe Sewell

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