Yamaha Hybrid

Traditional sensibility meets modern practicality – A sleek and compact AvantGrand that transcends convention and blurs the lines between acoustic and digital. 

Featuring the authentic sound and action that is consistent throughout the AvantGrand series, the N1X offers the allure of a real grand piano experience in simple, stylish package.

True Grand Piano Performance from a Vertical Grand that is minimal in design and aesthetically gratifying.

Touch, pedal feel, reverberation, and resonance—by all metrics, the N3X meets or surpasses the demands of even the most discriminating pianist. 

Everything you want from an acoustic – everything you need in a digital. A hybrid piano that doesn’t settle for acoustic approximations, the AvantGrand equals true acoustic action.

Over 5,000 genuine Yamaha action components deliver an authentic acoustic experience.

Real action and Tactile Response technology replicate the natural vibration of an acoustic piano, creating an immediate connection between piano and player.

The AvantGrand features two legendary concert grands in one hybrid piano.

Each piano was meticulously sampled using proprietary Spatial Acoustic Sampling process.

The innovative quad-speaker system syncs with the sampling process to produce remarkable, multi-dimension tonality.

Our design approach is driven by performance, efficiency, and heritage.

The dynamic contours of the AvantGrand express more than aesthetics, they reflect a goal to maximize resonance, clarity and output.

Within a remarkably small footprint, the AvantGrand delivers a seamless unity of acoustic elements and refined technologies.

Customer Reviews

We utilized Ruggero for piano tuning & pitch correction. The technician the came to our home was very professional, friendly & knowledgable. Scheduling with the is very easy. Staff is friendly & accommodating. Great value for quality service. - Rena Narron

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