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I own a picture framing business and appreciate the difference knowledge, experience and craftsmanship can make. This is what you will find at Ruggero. They have an impressive workshop where they restore pianos, and they know these instruments intimately. I had a question about the Steinway action versus the Schimmel and they were able to take me in the back and show me the differences with examples of pianos they were working on. I dealt with 3 different family and staff members over time and all were enthusiastic, patient and informative about the merits of different models, makers, sizes, etc...I came back several times to try various pianos and found a new grand piano that was right for me. I couldn't be happier. Steinway is not the only name in quality pianos--play everything you can get your hands on and decide for yourself. They were expert guides that made the experience a pleasure. - John Bloedorn

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