Piano Maintenance

North Carolina’s Premier Piano Maintenance Service Provider Since 1958. In addition to piano tuning, other piano maintenance service items are needed based on use and environment. These services include: regulation (adjustment to the touch), voicing (adjustment to the tone), hammer shaping (filing the hammers to restore the proper shape and remove string impressions), and interior cleaning of the soundboard and action. Our staff of Registered Piano Technicians have 150+ years of combined experience.

Customer Reviews

We continue to enjoy great, friendly support for our personal grand piano, and Ruggero was also able to get our Around Town Singers and Orchestra a new Yamaha keyboard just as soon as it came out. We especially enjoy the courtesy of the office staff, Courtney; Chris, manager, and of course, John, our favorite piano tuner. We have been happy ever since we set foot in the showroom back in 2016, and look forward to many more years of a great working and personal relationship with the Ruggero family and staff. - Around Town Singers

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