Piano Maintenance

North Carolina’s Premier Piano Maintenance Service Provider Since 1958. In addition to piano tuning, other piano maintenance service items are needed based on use and environment. These services include: regulation (adjustment to the touch), voicing (adjustment to the tone), hammer shaping (filing the hammers to restore the proper shape and remove string impressions), and interior cleaning of the soundboard and action. Our staff of Registered Piano Technicians have 150+ years of combined experience.

Customer Reviews

I was extremely pleased with Ruggero Piano, where my church purchased our piano. They are a family business. I dealt with wife, husband, son and even at times a salesman. All were very helpful in various ways at various times. They were all about as close as you can get to the “perfect salesperson/s.” My initial contact was with the wife by phone. She took time to listen to my “story” about what we were looking for, told me the exact brands and sizes they had on the floor, and understood when I said we only wanted to purchase from the owner. If she didn’t know the answer to a question, she wouldn’t hesitate to say so preferring that I speak with her husband about the question. On our first visit, the salesman was there but totally backed off unless he could answer a question or assist. He also relayed messages via phone on several occasions in the absence of the owners. We were encouraged to play all of the pianos in the store to our hearts content (we did), even the ones too large and expensive for consideration. There were no high-pressure sales tactics. They just let the pianos “speak for themselves.” The son gave us a tour of the rebuilding area and is also very knowledgeable. All of our comments, good and bad, were taken seriously. No price negotiations took place at the first visit, only later in several conversations with Richard via phone/email. It was a pleasant experience, and I believe a fair price was reached. When I explained that we felt we should look at other brands of pianos, they offered suggestions and directions to dealers of brands they didn’t carry. They never spoke badly about another brand of piano or dealer. They provided me a temporary cover for our piano until ours arrived. Their movers were expert! I was amazed.

In short, Ruggero Piano in Raleigh, NC has done everything possible to make sure we are happy with our new piano. We couldn’t be more pleased. - Brenda Carey

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