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Supporting the arts, 88 keys at a time

By David Menconi, The News & Observer

If you’ve ever attended a classical concert or church service involving a high-end piano, chances are good that Ruggero Piano supplied or at least tuned it. There’s an even better chance it was a low-cost rental (or even no-cost, if for a charitable event), which is a major reason that Ruggero Piano won a Medal of Arts lifetime-achievement award from the city of Raleigh earlier this fall…

Ruggero Piano - A Family Preserving the Gift of Music

By Lee Howard, Tharawat Magazine

The modern piano has entertained, inspired and enthralled the world for over 300 years. Pianos are uniquely versatile: from symphony auditoriums to living rooms across the globe, they accompany full orchestras, family life and everything in between. The piano’s appeal is universal; this instrument is not limited by genre or generation, and it is often passed down as an heirloom. The Ruggero family’s enduring passion for the instrument, transmitted from one generation to the next, has made their business a beloved community fixture…

Our Town - Shop Local at Ruggero Piano

By Jessie Ammons, Photography by Madeline Gray, Walter Magazine

Home is at the heart of 60-year-old Ruggero Piano, a Raleigh institution that sells and services pianos. Founder Robert Ruggero opened his piano tuning and repair business in 1958, working from his family’s Raleigh home. When his son, Richard Ruggero, took over the business in 1981, Richard moved it to his own family’s house nearby. “We were in my garage, and later my dining room, and later my family room – then we decided we had outgrown our house,” Richard Ruggero says. A handful of locations later, Ruggero Piano is now a familiar sight on Hargrove Road, where Ruggero and his team sell and service a wide array of pianos and host free performances…

All in the Family

By Tracy Jones, Raleigh Magazine

A great example of a Raleigh family business supporting its community is Ruggero Piano, established in 1958 by trained violinist and Italian immigrant Robert Ruggero. The winner of the 2014 Raleigh Arts Commission’s Medal of Arts Award for lifetime support of the arts in the Raleigh community, Ruggero Piano has allowed local musicians of all ages and abilities to gather to share their gifts with an appreciative audience. “Community involvement and support has always been one of our top priorities,” says Chris Ruggero, General Manager and third generation descendant involved with running Ruggero Piano…

Maestro Magic, From family rooms to concert halls, Ruggero Piano keeps the Triangle in tune

By Kurt Dusterberg, Photography by Hans Rosemond, Midtown Magazine

Richard Ruggero walks his guests through the showroom at Ruggero Piano, where all the merchandise glistens with a high-gloss finish. At the back of the store, he swings open the doors to the workshop, where pianos are scattered in various stages of disassembly. He points to one of his technicians, wearing headphones and bent over a piano that is being rebuilt. “David is stringing, we have to be quiet,” Ruggero says. ”If you disturb someone while they’re stringing, they could miss with a hammer and hit their hand or hit the piano.”…

Customer Reviews

The purchase of a piano can be a once in a lifetime endeavor and one that can be scary and exciting all at the same time. From the moment I walked into Ruggero Piano the friendly smile and warm welcome began to ease my anxiousness. Both Richard and Chris sought out workable solutions for my studio and even made several trips to the studio to assure that we settled on the right piano. I was given a life size paper blue print of the actual piano so that as I was considering the piano I could begin to see it in my space. The personal one on one service provided at Ruggero is hands down EXCELLENT! The purchase of my Yamaha silent piano has been life changing and I owe this process to Ruggero! If you are looking to take a big step as I did in owning a beautiful, fantastically crafted piano from a family who is equally as fantastically crafted then Ruggero Piano is your answer. - Cinnamon Leggett, CRL Studios

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