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Ruggero Piano
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by Peggy Morgan on Ruggero Piano

Hyun Joo did an incredible job tuning my piano. I have hearing aids and he was so patient with me and my bad ears. After tuning, he adjusted the key action so that the keys wouldn't double strike (a comfort to my ears). I can't thank Hyun and Ruggero enough for the kindness they showed me. Hyun performed at a Ruggero concert recently and his talent is just amazing. Thanks so much Hyun and Ruggero!

by Dennis de Jong, Executive Director of Community Music School on Ruggero Piano

Community Music School is committed to creating brighter futures through music. We are excited to be at our new home in Southeast Raleigh, and have a tremendous partner in Ruggero Piano. As part of the Tom McGuire Education Initiative, small classes have been introduced as part of our Journeys tier of programming. With the donation of the Yamaha Digital Piano Lab, CMS is growing its vision of offering innovative, high-quality after school music programming to students with limited resources. The lab will offer students opportunities to engage with each other and professional faculty in new ways. By leveraging the Yamaha technology, classes can capture the excitement of peer-to-peer learning, personalized instruction and musical discovery, allowing students to maximize learning at their own pace. We are thrilled to see how Yamaha and Ruggero Piano are dedicated to instilling the life-long appreciation of the arts in our students and families. This is changing lives one student at a time.

by Mike Berger on Ruggero Piano

I had a great experience with Ruggero Piano. Both Chris and Jay provided excellent customer service. Chris helped me to find the perfect piano for my playing style while Jay provided in-depth technical answers to all my questions. The best part of the experience was the teams follow up after the purchase. Jay and the techs at Ruggero tuned, regulated, and voiced the piano to perfection. They also made time to walk me through all the work that was performed after the purchase and prior to the delivery. This is a great team focused on the customer and helping them to find a tailored solution to their needs. If you are looking for a new or used piano this is the team to work with. Thanks to all at Ruggero!

by Margaret Garriss on Ruggero Piano

We have relied on Ruggero Piano to take care of our Mason and Hamlin grand piano for over 40 years. We know by experience that their work and service are both top-notch. As professional musicians and teachers, we highly value the expertise and experience the Ruggero Family brings to the table. Couldn't recommend them more highly.

by G. Eric Wheelis, DVM on Ruggero Piano

Throughout my life, I've had trouble dealing with stress and anxiety.  It's greatly affected my ability to sleep and concentrate.  It's also affected how I interact with other people.

Although I'm obviously excited to have a new piano and a wonderful teacher, I believe that the biggest benefit has more to do with anxiety levels and my ability to stay focused.  I'm much more relaxed now and I can work and concentrate for longer periods of time.  I'm 52 but I can easily work 50 hours a week.  I seldom worry about anything at all and I no longer need medication for depression or anxiety.  I'm happy and content.  I love my life!

The reason I'm telling you this is that there are many people like myself that deal with stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and attention problems.  Those issues then affect their personal lives, business relationships, and career productivity.  If a piano and an instructor can help others as it has me, then everyone should have access to this.  I believe it so strongly that I now have a piano in my veterinary office so I can practice a little each day.  My attitude has improved. That has allowed me to take better care of my furry patients and to be a more compassionate doctor.  Managing stress has also helped me focus while performing surgery and it has helped with business management.

I strongly recommend that any competitive business that wishes to help their employees be productive, get along with coworkers, and lower stress levels begin offering piano - much like health care or gym memberships.  Anyone else dealing with the issues I mentioned should also find a piano and an excellent instructor.  Any school system that's having trouble with student performance, attention, and anxiety needs pianos.  The piano continues to challenge and benefit me in ways I hadn't expected.  Probably the biggest benefit for me isn't what I can play now but how well I now play with others.

Thank you for recommending my Yamaha piano and for the incredible service you provide.

by Steve Knill on Ruggero Piano

We moved to Durham last year and brought my Grandmother's 1912 Rosewood Steinway M with us. As you can imagine over time it's needed work. The team at Ruggero has taken tremendous care of this family heirloom since we arrived. Thanks to Jay, Chris and everyone there.

by Mike Barrett on Ruggero Piano

In a Community "Triangle" of 1.6 million folks its often difficult to locate a personalized delivery of Service. Not so when it comes to Piano servicing, repair, product knowledge Ruggero Piano Professional Team is here! Our K Kawai baby grand is delighted to have "Ed stop in annually and tune her pearly whites"

by David Minehart on Ruggero Piano

Besides their great pianos (Yamaha and other brands, digital and analog, grand and upright), they provide the community with free monthly concerts. A good place!

by Janice Lee on Ruggero Piano

I've had the pleasure of buying my piano at Ruggero Piano, everyone was very helpful. They are experts at all things piano! Also, very warm and accessible.

by Barbara Hemphill on Ruggero Piano

Great quality and excellent service!

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