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How do you attract the best students and faculty? Provide them with the best pianos and keyboards. The music student’s experience touches every room of the institution. From the practice room to the concert hall, our dedicated team has a tailored-solution to fit your needs.

Hand-crafted pianos – like Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer – to capture the hearts of your students and faculty.

Pianos, keyboards and educational tools will support and inspire your students.

Connecting students and faculty from around the globe using the latest in technology.

Top-notch quality, yet cost-effective instruments for day-to-day instruction.

One minute of performance requires several hours of practicing. Provide your students with the right pianos for their practice needs.

The perfect suite of keyboards and technology for collaborative learning serving both novice and advanced students.

Musicians want their instrument to perfectly capture their work. That’s one reason why the Yamaha C7 is perhaps the most recorded piano in history.

Keyboards and features to enable everyone to participate in the act of music-making.

Acoustic and digital instruments offer unprecedented opportunities for the next generation of music students and educators.

On Stages Worldwide
Across the globe, Yamaha and Bösendorfer pianos are played more frequently than any other. Two beautiful traditions of piano craftsmanship, chosen by legendary and contemporary performers alike.
Quality Meets Durability
A memorable concert performance starts in the teacher's studio. Your faculty needs pianos to reflect your student's artistic goals as well as stand the test of time with unmatched durability.
An Institution Without Boundaries
In the modern world, students and educators cannot always be in the same place at the same time. Audiences are global. When you set up a learning environment with a Disklavier, Internet, and HD video conferencing tools, distances become no more than measurements on a map. Your students graduate and make a musical impact all around the world. Enable that impact within your institution by providing masterclasses from artists across the globe.
Durability with Advanced Technology
Your classrooms are the center of the learning experience. Administrators appreciate the reliability and low maintenance costs of the award-winning upright and hybrid pianos that Yamaha offers, while teachers love the even touch, stable tuning, and classroom-friendly cabinet designs. Optional embedded technologies enable teachers to integrate their class piano with computers, mobile devices, and other classroom communication tools.
Pianos that Are Played at all Hours of the Day
C-series grands and studio model uprights are work-horse pianos that maintain their artistic integrity, even with many hours of daily use. Disklavier, Silent, and Hybrid models offer recording feautures that extend the functionality of these instruments. Vocalists and instrumentalists love being able to play with their accompanists’ recordings at EVERY practice session, not just when the pianist is available.
A Room Full of Possibilities
Group instruction poses unique challenges. Whether you are teaching introduction to piano or advanced composition courses, all those young musicians must be hands-on – while you demonstrate, educate and provide feedback on their work. You need the best digital pianos and complementary technology to make it happen – Yamaha provides the widest array of options to help you succeed.
Driving Studio Recording Success
Studio time is expensive! Music production engineers need quality instruments flexible enough to support a wide combination of artists and genre - and the technology to capture and produce stellar final products quickly and effectively. Yamaha's unique suite of acoustic and hybrid pianos with MIDI enables engineers with performance data which can be edited as needed - then created as audio in a single playback pass. In the studio or concert hall - performances can be recorded for anyone to enjoy.
Music, Mind, and Body
In ancient times the physician and musician were one and the same. Scientists are now beginning to identify the phenomenally intricate links between music and our biology - and using those connections to improve our lives. In the interest of bringing the physical and emotional rewards of music-making to all, we founded the Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute (YMWI) which is actively engaged in exploring the impact of creative musical expression on the human genome and sharing the work in peer-reviewed scientific research studies. Yamaha works with educators and therapists who are training the next generation of music educators to reach underserved groups. In addition, Yamaha brings new technologies to the field of music-making to remove barriers to participation.
Unlimited Possibilities
Pianos are not “one size fits all” - and quality, durability and stability are a requirement. Yamaha offers the most comprehenseive suite of acoustic, hybrid, digital, and portable keyboard instruments to address your needs. Renowned for their sound. Legendary for their durability and tuning stability. Yamaha's acoustic pianos are also available with embedded technologies, such as Disklavier, Silent, and TransAcoustic systems. Hybrid instruments offer the combined benefits of an acoustic piano action and industry-leading digital tone generation that emulates a nine-foot concert grand. Our Clavinova digital pianos are at the center of most music labs. And when ease of transport or a small foot-print are required, Yamaha offers an unrivaled line of portable keyboard instruments to fit any need.
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Assessment And Planning - Making The Most With What You Have

We help you determine the usability of the instruments that you have, how to service the instruments that you plan to keep, and what you need to acquire.

Value Preservation - Value That Lasts

Protect your investment with instruments which will serve today’s students – and tomorrow’s. Paired with an appropriate management program, your assets will sustain and enable your future.

Technology - Always Innovating

Whether it’s long distance teaching or engaging with composition software and mobile apps – our pianos’ technology is an essential part of contemporary music education and music-making.

Faculty Engagement - A Custom Approach

Students and faculty are the center of every institution, and engaging with them from the onset is a priority with our team. Whether it’s the selection of a CFX concert grand, a visit to the Bösendorfer factory in Vienna, or training with the Disklavier or hybrid piano, Yamaha is prepared to work directly with your faculty.

Acquisition - Reaching Your Goals

We are an experienced dealer, ready to assist you with your instrument acquisition goals – while keeping budget at the forefront.

Defining Your Needs

Music programs evolve to stay relevant. While there are traditions to be honored, current expectations must be met. And you also have to anticipate tomorrow’s educational and musical directions. Do you need assistance identifying which of the newer instruments and products would best meet your program’s requirements? Yamaha can help. In addition to creating dynamic new instruments, we also have a large family of subject matter experts – musicians and educators – who can collaborate with your team to develop the best plan for you.

Developing A Fundraising Strategy

Communicating your vision clearly is key to effective fundraising. Whether you are raising funds for a piano – or completely transforming your music program to empower the musical and personal growth of your students – Yamaha has resources to help you craft your fundraising mission statement in ways that can speak to your diverse pool of potential donors – and inspire them to support your plan.

Engaging Our Resources

Partnering with Yamaha provides unique opportunities to engage your potential supporters. A private concert by one of our renowned classical pianists – playing the concert grand you envision on your stage. An interactive, long distance performance by a contemporary innovator at your next gala – leveraging one of the music technologies you’d like to acquire to educate your students. Seeing – and hearing – is believing! Let Yamaha’s resources of artists and instruments make believers out of your potential donors.

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*Subject to credit approval. Monthly payments of $55.56 per $1,000 borrowed for 18 months at 0% APR. On purchases of new and in-stock qualifying Yamaha pianos from April 1, 2024, to June 3, 2024.

*Subject to credit approval. Monthly payments of $55.56 per $1,000 borrowed for 18 months at 0% APR. On purchases of new and in-stock qualifying Yamaha pianos from April 1, 2024, to June 3, 2024.

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This is my favorite place in the world. Between the quality of the instruments, service, community involvement and the 4th Friday concerts, Ruggero Piano is unrivaled. - Deborah Kennedy

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