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Before buying my piano at Ruggero, I had a 30 year old Yamaha console which I had been outplaying for a couple years and was hindering my technique advancement. So I started researching pianos. After research, I visited 6 dealers, half of which I visited twice, and played 13 different upright models. Ruggero Piano was the 4th dealer I visited and the only dealer who carried some higher quality instruments recommended by Larry Fine. At my visit, the Ruggero team was able to answer all of my technical questions and gave me a tour of their shop. The after sale support was high on my priority list and form the first visit I already had a positive feeling that this requirement was going to be met with no problem. At no time during the whole process of shopping or selecting did I feel pressured by Ruggero Piano. I feel comfortable that they would have let me stop by every day for a month and let me play their pianos with no pressure and a warm greeting. In fact, they made the offer to come by anytime, even after the sale. I highly recommend Ruggero Piano to both the experienced and beginning players. They have a piano for everyone and can provide some of the best support this area has to offer. For the beginning student, I would have to strongly say that purchasing a piano from Ruggero Piano will greatly improve your chances for success. This family knows pianos - Shannon Hughes

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