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I have served as Director of Music for White Memorial Presbyterian Church, a 4,000 plus member congregation in Raleigh, North Carolina for nearly 17 years. During that time, I have interacted with the administrative, technician, and sales aspects of this wonderful company. With several pianos across our campus, we have benefitted from the multiple services provided by Ruggero Piano. When we were seeking a grand piano for a new modern worship space, they helped us find the right model that suited our needs. Their team of tuner technicians keep all our pianos well regulated. They have office staff that help in the long-range scheduling of maintenance but are also very responsive when a particular repair or need arises. They have installed humidity control devices on three of our pianos to help protect our investment. Their restoration and refinishing services are top notch. They did some significant work on a 1908 Steinway which our church acquired. It plays like a new instrument. Their skilled maintenance keeps the piano regulated and playing in condition of the highest standards. Whatever your piano needs are, new or used purchase, maintenance, or repair, I hope you will give Ruggero Piano serious consideration. - Karl Zinsmeister, Director of Music, White Memorial Presbyterian Church

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