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I will try to add something unique to the excellent reviews already posted. My wife arranged for someone from Ruggero Piano to come to our house and evaluate a spinet she had inherited a number of years ago from her mother, who had had it for decades. Jay made a free house-call and spent over an hour with us. He was very patient and thorough. We already had an idea from another independent source that the the prognosis was not good. Jay confirmed that the instrument had reached the end of its useful life. (Spinet pianos are not being built anymore, and consoles are the closest to them in size.)

The next week we scheduled an appointment to visit the store to learn about the many options. Chris and Jay spent a lot of time with us and answered many questions. There was a refurbished Baldwin console, which was very handsome and very reasonably priced, and would have served us well. However, I spied a grand fitted with a player system. I was mesmerized as it played a Gershwin jazz piece. My wife plays and wants to practice to improve. Unfortunately, I never made it very far with piano lessons.

The bottom line is that we now have a beautiful Knabe five-foot grand with a QRS player system. We enjoy having it play classical, jazz, show tunes, … every day during dinner, when we have guests, and when we’re just relaxing. It’s an incredible home entertainment system and beautiful to look at, as well as an instrument that Caroline can enjoy playing. We are delighted with it and the quality service that Ruggero continues to provide. Richard and all the staff are a pleasure to deal with. (David is also going to help us convert the shell of the family spinet into a desk for Caroline.) What more can I say?! - Jack Brickley

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