Schimmel C116





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Most favored model. What makes this piano the best-seller of all Schimmel models? Perhaps because this instrument possesses the ideal combination of reliability, play-ability, tonal quality and elegance. The model C116 Tradition, the younger brother of the C120 Tradition, has made it to the top of the list. This piano has been in our program for over a decade and its popularity remains unbroken.

Customer Reviews

I recently went in to Ruggero as an early step in my piano buying process, and the staff were very generous in spending time answering all my questions as well as giving good guidance as to how to start narrowing my search. All the staff there are technicians, so they can answer as specific a question as you can possibly pose. Also, since they have the capability in the store to do any possible technical work on a piano, they make sure all their used pianos will be in great condition as well, so you know you are getting a great product and not gambling on something with potentially serious mechanical issues down the road. Other piano sellers just may not have that capability. I will definitely be back to make my purchase at Ruggero. - Daniel Moore

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