Schimmel C126





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Ideal Proportions. What happens when the principle of the “golden section” is transferred to a piano? It produces well-proportioned models such as the C126 Tradition, In art and architecture, the golden section is frequently considered as the ideal proportions between certain combinations of lengths and is also viewed as being the epitome of aesthetics and harmony. Seen from this aspect, this model certainly fulfills all criteria.

Customer Reviews

I recently had Ruggero Piano tune my piano again--this is the third year in a row. When they first came, it had been years since the piano had been tuned, and the sound after was simply lovely. So I have them back now once a year, and they do the same splendid job each time. It really makes a difference to keep that tuning in shape. And I love their professionalism -- this time it's during the Covid crisis and the tuner work a mask, practiced socially distancing and was overall very careful coming into my home. They really are the best--I wouldn't call on anyone else. - Sarah S.

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