Yamaha GC1





Crafted by Yamaha in Kakegawa, Japan
Soundboard: Spruce
Soundboard Ribs: Spruce
Back Posts: 3 – Merkus Pine
Bridge Construction: Two-piece separated
Frame: V-Pro Vacuum Shield Mold Process
Key Material: Seasoned spruce
White Key surfaces: Acrypet™
Black Key surfaces: Phenolic resin
Fallboard: Soft close
Lid lock: Yes
Pedal: Shift/Sostenuto/Damper
Caster: Single-wheeled solid brass casters
Weight: 627 lbs (285 kg)


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With the power, tonality and expressive range of classic grand pianos, Yamaha baby grands are an admirable choice for smaller rooms and budgets.

Customer Reviews

Amazing customer service. There is NO pressure to buy a piano, and the staff not only sell their pianos, they fix and tune them as well. Plus you get a free concert just for shopping there by the sales staff :). They are knowledgeable, friendly, not pushy at all, and really want to you to love your purchase, no matter what your budget. We were shopping with our 7 year old son and I thought it was great how they showed him how to play different things and encouraged him to explore different sounds. This was a fantastic piano shopping experience from start to finish. They don't just sell you a piano, they sell you their name, and they take it seriously and it shows. I highly recommend checking them out first and then seeing what the others offer, as this was an obvious first choice to buy from them after seeing other warehouse piano shops. Their love for music shines through every sale. - Juli Pankow

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